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  • Texas, Round Two

    Seeing as we weren’t too interested in sticking around Louisiana, we decided to kick out early and head to Texas. This led us to the Cedar Breaks campsite mentioned in my previous post. Our

  • Holy, Texas!

    Never would I have believed this before a week ago, but we really like Texas! When it was time to leave Louisiana, we both were packing up with a little trepidation, because we’ve never

  • Really Good Bits #2

    I realize that my previous post of New Orleans/Fontainebleau Campground was rather negative and I wanted to take a moment to outline some of the amazing things we experienced and discovered while we were

  • Taking it Easy in (near) the Big Easy

    Due to the drenching rain we encountered our final evening in Stone Mountain Park (Atlanta, GA), we decided to pack up our soggy gear and head on to our next destination instead of hanging

  • Fleeing Skidaway to Stone Mountain State Park – Atlanta, GA

    Today we shoved off from our Skidaway Island hideaway and headed for Atlanta, where Sam will be speaking at the WordCamp this weekend. But NOT before experiencing our first black & gray water dump.

  • Springtime in Savannah

    The last few days have been incredibly busy, but I’m not complaining–it’s mostly been all great fun. The weather has been perfect, and we’ve been able to spend lots of time with family. I’m

  • Savannah Thaw

    We made it to Savannah a couple of days ago, finally, after a hellish drive through snowy Kentucky and black-iced Tennessee (way to go on the roads, DOT guys, way to not try. At

  • Really Good Bits #1

    Planet Fitness in Ballwin, MO is the bomb. Since we’re camping in a state park in the dead of Winter, we have no water, and the camp’s shower facilities are closed for the season.

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